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Learn English ​​with your favorite songs

An effective and fun way to learn English.

With Sounter learning English is easy and fun. Our method is ideal for you, we take your favorite songs and create a course for each of them. You will learn the pronunciation of words and new vocabulary.

Each song is a {{lang}} course
Learn pronunciation

We ask you to identify the word that the artist pronounces in English of the song while listening to it.

Increase your vocabulary

Complete lessons created from the lyrics of the song, learn English with its meaning.

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Practice what you learned

Once you understand the meaning of the words and their pronunciation, practice with the translated lyrics.

Acquire an habit

Music is an easy habit to acquire, with our system it has never been so easy to learn English

Learn anywhere and anytime

Make your free time more productive by downloading the Sounter mobile application. Get it on Google Play and App Store and see how fun it is to learn English.

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Improve your experience with Sounter Premium

With Sounter learning English is completely free, but do you want to improve your experience? Remove ads, learn without internet connection and support our mission.

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