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How to learn French Fast on your own

There are activities that we can do from our homes that can significantly impact our fluency in the French language, below we will tell you some of them.There are activities that we can do from our homes that can significantly impact our fluency in the French language, below we will tell you some of them.


Learning a new language can be difficult, especially at first. Therefore, in this article, you will find a selection of 8 tips that can help you improve your English easily and even without realizing it.

1. Books

book to learn french

Reading not only improves your comprehension skills, it can be part of your relaxation routine! For more fun, read up on topics that appeal to you, such as your hobbies and areas of interest. There are so many books that you will surely find one that you are passionate about.

Having a personal library of French books at home is a great advantage. However, you must be selective about the books you include in your collection. Boring textbooks, literature, and magazines will only lower your motivation to study. Remember, this is your library and nothing goes in unless you say so.

2. Learn in a fun way with songs

learn french with songs

If you are a music lover, you must have some great French albums in your collection! Take your favorite songs, learn new vocabulary or new slang expressions. Karaoke can also be a lot of fun when you hang out with some French-speaking friends! If you like this tip. Take a look at Sounter this page is focused on teaching you French through songs, each song is a course with varied and fun activities.

3. Download some podcasts

Podcasts offer an experience similar to talk radio, but are sometimes created especially for students. You can listen to live podcasts or download them to listen to them at a more convenient time. It's a good idea to create a collection of your favorite podcasts by topic. You can then listen to the same recordings multiple times over a few weeks to remember more vocabulary.

4. Invite French-speaking guests to stay

french speaking guestes

One problem with self-learning is that it can limit your opportunities to speak French regularly with other people. If you want to improve your speaking fluency, you should interact in the language as much as possible.

If you have a spare room in your house, then you can consider using it to host a British or American guest. Student exchange visits are often organized through schools and universities. You can request to be added to your "host family" list. Alternatively, you can sign up with a website like couchsurfing.com and provide occasional free accommodation to visiting tourists in exchange for some French-speaking practice.

5. Start your own blog!

If you love writing, why not create your own blog in French? Join a free blogging community (eg Blogger) to connect with other writers from around the world. You can write about whatever you want, but the main idea is to write all your content in French. Readers will tell you where you have made mistakes in your writing so you can correct them and improve your skills.

6. Put the TV on!

tv to learn french

Watching TV can be a great way to improve your fluency in French. Television shows give you access to modern British or American French as it is used today. This means that you can learn real native French at home without having to get up from the couch! Try different types of programs and pay attention to the accents and jargon used. Soap operas and television series can be especially good for learning how natives really communicate in French.

7. Watch series and Movies

tv series to learn franch

Can you learn French while watching your favorite movies, series and documentaries? Today, thanks to streaming services this is more than possible. For example, learning sites like Netflix create an interesting and fun method, in order to achieve your language goals. This is because you will not get bored or give up on the road.

Also, you are more likely to remember new words and sentences if they are associated with something that catches your attention.

8. Whatever you do, have fun!

Learning a new language takes time. But it's safer that you still want to learn if you have fun. Play games, do crosswords, sing, read and don't worry about making mistakes. Making a mistake is the best way to learn.

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